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We do not:

  • We DO NOT offer solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs). At first, these offers sound good because they emphasize little or no upfront cost to the homeowner. However, a lease is not an investment – you have no ownership, so no assets. A solar lease is a commitment for 10 to 20 years of rental payments – an agreement that makes money for the company that handles the agreement, not for you. The company you engage in the contract with is the one who benefits from tax credits, rebates, incentives, and other financial rewards. The system is the property of the company, not your property – the leasing company owns part of your home. If you enter into a solar lease or PPA and later want to sell your home, you must find a buyer who can qualify financially to assume the lease and is willing to do so.
  • We DO NOT mark up our materials. What we pay for solar panels is what you pay. Other companies typically mark up the cost of equipment and materials by 30% to 50%. With Solar Man Dan, the process is transparent. You know exactly what you are paying for.
  • We DO NOT hire high-pressure salespeople, or pay for administrative personnel that would add 10% or more to the overall cost of your solar electric system.
  • We DO NOT charge you for any of our services until the job is complete. 
  • We DO NOT run a large corporate office or pay a large staff and lots of overhead.

What we do:

  • We DO recommend you purchase your solar electric system outright if at all possible, as the net financial gain from a system you have purchased is far greater than that of a system that has been financed. You are creating an investment opportunity for yourself out of your own roof! 
    We understand that purchasing a system outright is an expense that may seem to be out of reach for some. Because of this, we offer financing that is superior to any lease or PPA (power purchase agreement) on the market.
  • We DO offer rock-bottom prices on installation of solar electric systems. Because we don’t hire high-pressure sales reps, or mark up our materials, or pay high overhead and administrative costs, we are able to pass the savings directly on to you, our customer.
  • We DO have our professional installers complete the initial analysis of your home. We will not sneak in any sales person – you will deal directly with the person who has the expertise to design, size, and install your system.
  • We DO provide you with an upfront, itemized list of all costs associated with your project – no secrets, no surprises. 
  • We DO keep our business operation small, by choice. We keep our process simple and our prices low.


​​The Solar Man Dan approach is different than our competitors - here's how...

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