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But where will I put all the batteries? Won't they take up a lot of room?
What is unique about a grid-interactive solar electric system is that it requires NO batteries, EVER. Some people who want to live completely “off the grid” – for example, in remote locations – do install stand-alone solar-powered systems that rely on batteries. However, the grid-interactive solar electric systems that we install do not require batteries, because power is sourced from the utility company at times when the solar panels cannot fully meet the home’s demand for electricity..

Who is Solar Man Dan?
Solar Man Dan is a licensed, experienced contractor, solar installer, and home energy efficiency expert. He has been serving satisfied customers in the greater Sacramento area for more than 20 years.

What do you mean by “low prices”? I thought installing solar was expensive.
Of course there are unavoidable costs associated with installation. Happily, prices for solar panels are lower today than ever. Additionally, by keeping our process simple, we eliminate many extra costs to you, the homeowner. Our competitors generally charge between $5 and $8 per watt for installation. Solar Man Dan’s approach results in an average cost of only
$4.80 per watt for installation, for an overall initial savings of 20 – 45% over comparable installers.

If I do install a solar electric system, will it be worth it? If I am still receiving bills from the utility company, how much will I actually be saving?
To fully appreciate why a solar electric system makes good financial sense, it is necessary to look beyond the initial installation costs and consider the savings you will also experience over the life of your system. For example, by installing a 4-kilowatt system (typical for today’s homes), you can expect to save $50,000 – $70,000 in electricity costs over the lifetime of that system as the bill you receive from your utility company is minimized each month.
Here’s another way to think of it: 25 years from now, will your utility company be likely to write you a $50,000 “royalty check” for purchasing electricity faithfully from them through the years? Clearly that will not happen. Without a solar electric system on your roof, you have no alternative but to continue to pay the utility company at the rates they set for the power you need.

What about cloudy days? How can solar panels work then, or at night?
Solar panels do operate with reduced efficiency on cloudy days. However, because your solar PV system is “grid-tied”, connected to your local utility company, your home draws power from the grid as needed. A bi-directional metering system tracks both the amount of energy being produced and sent out to the grid as well as the amount of energy being drawn from the grid. This “net metering” process calculates the credit you will receive from your utility company.

There are a lot of DIY resources out there for installing solar. Wouldn’t I save more money if I installed the system myself?
Purchasing the equipment, choosing an appropriate location, and installing a solar PV system is more than a weekend project. Your roof’s structural integrity, your home’s geographic orientation, your family’s electricity usage, and the size and pitch of your roof are all factors that can most efficiently be managed by a professional with the experience and training of Solar Man Dan.

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